February 5-14- Carnival Pride

Feb 20-26- Carnival Freedom

March 11- Papa, Hungary

March 12- Alconbury, UK

March 13-  Fairford, UK

March 15- Croughton, UK

March 17, Volkel, Netherlands

March 18, Spangdahlem, Netherlands

March 19- Ramstein, Germany

March 20- Weisbaden, Germany

March 22- Ansbach, Germany

March 23- Hohenfels, Germany

March 24- Grefenwoehr, Germany

March 25- Stuttgart, Germany

March 26, Garmisch, Germany

April 4-10- Comedy Cave- Calgary, Canada

April 17-May 1- Carnival Magic

May 12-21- Carnival Ecstasy

June 9-23- Carnival Ecstasy

"He can only be compared to Steve Martin"-

Bobcat Goldthwait

"Brilliantly Silly!"-

Weird Al Yankovic